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This Funny Email Jokes site has evolved over the years. When I started it, email was big, Twitter and Facebook were just getting going and many of the things we do over the internet now weren't even thought of. Times have changed!

I'm now going to change the focus of this site somewhat. I'll try and maintain the humor but in a different manner. The website name and appearance will change but a lot of it will be kept as it is because people still search for many things that were started many years ago. The new site will be called "Fun Things" because it will include as many fun things as I can find on this planet separated into individual pages or topics. (Actually, the new website will be

As I said earlier, I'll be keeping many of the same things on the new site that are on the old one. But the new name will give me more scope to go and find and present to you other funny situations, places, toys, inventions, incidents, etc. I'll be able to cover a broader range of topics than I could with "Funny Email For Everyone".

So, this is the first change that's happening. Over the next few weeks I'll be changing other pages and then eventually I'll attempt a one-day turnover to the new site! (That will be a fun thing in itself.) Hopefully it will go well and to those of you who are regular visitors already, the changeover should be seamless. At least, that's what they tell me. To all of you who believe that, I do have some swampland in Florida that you might be interested in!

Thanks for your indulgence.


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For those of you who remember the old Funny Email Jokes site, you will now likely notice that I have dropped the left and right columns that used to contain links to my other pages. (They just made the center "Content" column too small on smart phones.)

Instead, what I have done is put everything under one of 10 "Drop Down" tabs at the top. That gave me more space. I hope you can still find what you are looking for.

I've put the same 10 links below and that may help you as well. Scroll down the page until you find something of interest and then click on the picture.

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This section continues to grow as I find new "funny" jokes to highlight.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards on the Internet often lack humor. Replace the standard verbiage with any of these templates.

Cartoons And Comics

I changed some of my favorite funny email jokes into cartoons and comics. Now you can send them with your funny messages. (They are unique!)

Funny Email

This was where it all started. Here unique, funny email messages can be created and sent by anyone - quickly and easily.

Funny Business Email

Use these free business email templates to bring some humor to an otherwise staid environment. (Be aware however, that many businesses have a distinct lack of humor!)


Here are just a few songs I've made up from old rock and roll songs to poke fun at something. (I get bored easily!)

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If you want to be a better group leader (or make your group better) then take a look at work I've done in this area. I call it Familizing!

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This is obviously where I throw everything that doesn't fit anywhere else. (Things like Funny Motorcycle Videos, because I didn't know what else to do with them!) Clicking the picture here will take you to the motorcycle video as I don't have a page called Miscellaneous yet! You may be better off running your cursor over the Misc. tab in the top right of the page to see what else is listed there.

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Don't worry — your e-mail address is totally secure.
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Please note that the "What's New?" section below is updated whenever something I think is funny comes along, therefore some of these "New" blogs further down the page may already have been replaced by the time you click on them!

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