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I'll put up videos, stories and photos on this page as I come across fun toys that people are developing around the world. Most of these are "Boys Toys" and are prototypes so you probably can't buy them yet, but they are certainly interesting and maybe worth following up on.

I remember reading my father's "Popular Mechanics" magazine as a kid and seeing all kinds of new and crazy machines being talked about in it. Now days, we have all that information on the internet. In fact, we probably have too much info, so we miss many of the new things. I'll try and keep you up to date on this page, as I come across them.

Most of the machines below are land-based but I will likely include water and air craft as well. I'm particularly interested in flying cars. (I thought we would all own one by now!) So if you come across any that you think are interesting, let me know and I'll get it on here.

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Fun Toy Photos

This is called a "Motorized Drift Trike"! I'd love to play around with this.

360 HP aircraft engine, rimless wheels - yeah, it's a different motorcycle!

The 1959 Bowden Spacelander, one of the coolest bicycles ever built.

Here's a skookum looking snowmobile for you as well!

Unique, new snowmobile

Fun Toy Videos

How About A "Snow Bike"?

This One's From Volkswagon!

How About A Flying Sportscar?

Go for a walk but cover large distances!

If you ever ride your bicycle at night, this will get you noticed.

Some golf cart! Check out Buybba's Jetpack.

Cancel your order for your new Corvette. You'll have more fun with on of these!

Another Google development?

Better than a bicycle?

This would make a fun commute!

Tired of walking? Try this. It looks easy.

This looks like it might be fun in the wild!

For the disabled, this may be one of the best "toys" they could ever get!

How about a "snow kayak"?

Or maybe you'd like to have one of these?

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