Funny Christmas Card

Here's another card that you can send to your friends and relatives. You have to provide your own blank card but there are some sites below that can help you with that.

Anybody with a sense of humor should get a bit of a chuckle out of it, but there is (always) a serious message in it as well.

You determine how far you want to stretch the humor by selecting your own choice of words or phrases from the verse.
Have a look and see if it fits your needs.
If you're really stuck and you don't have time to throw a card together, try this Christmas email. It's fast.




When Christmas fills the air, it's time to [ ]get your snow tires on [ ]mix the eggnog [ ]adjust your support hose [ ]get together with family [ ]wax your legs [ ]shave your head [ ]postpone the colonoscopy [ ]hire a private eye [ ]yell at a telemarketer.

It's that time of year when [ ]hearts are filled with joy [ ]stock markets crash [ ]visions of handcuffs dance in your head [ ]the dog starts to smell [ ]practicing the bagpipes sounds like a good idea [ ]you wonder how you would look with purple hair [ ]your nose starts to run [ ]you need a withdrawal from the blood bank.

Christmas is all about traditions like [ ]replacing the Mistletoe with Poison Ivy [ ]having chocolate for breakfast [ ]speaking only the Vulcan language at the dinner table [ ]having a nervous breakdown [ ]decorating the Christmas tree [ ]washing your socks [ ]spreading rumors [ ]confessing your fear of shag carpets.

Season's Greetings

How to Transfer The Verse From This Template Into Your Christmas Card

(These directions are for PC users but will generally be the same for all types of computers and programs.)
Find a card that appeals to you visually on one of the many sites that offer greeting cards on the Internet. (Some suggested sites are listed below.)

Make sure you can edit words in the card. (Don't pick an "animated" one. They usually can't be altered.)
Delete the verse from the card and then return to this page and highlight the verse (above).
Right-click on the highlighted text and click "copy".
Return to the card and place the cursor where you want the verse to appear and click "paste". The text (from above) will then be transferred into your card.
Put a CAPITAL "X" in the brackets beside the words or phrases you want to use in your message.
Add your name and your friend's name.
Then send it or print it off.

Another Funny Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Here's another funny Christmas card that you might like (if you haven't already looked at it).

Create Your Own Card

How to create your own card (using Word) from your printer.

Greeting Card Sites

Click above to see some of the greeting card sites I have uncovered where you can download Christmas cards and then add the verse from this site to them.

Greeting Cards

Go to the Greeting Cards Page where there is at least one other funny Christmas card and several other greeting cards.

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