Funny Email Concerned

(For Friends Who Get Too "Busy")

This Funny Email Concerned template is a way of connecting with someone that you may have concerns about.

(Maybe they are just working too hard and so you don't see them very much any more, for example.)

They may appreciate the small, humorous break you give them by sending off the following message. They may also think about getting together for coffee or a drink or lunch, so be prepared for that.

Anyway, it will be welcomed by the recipient even if you don't hear back from them right away. Remember, you're using this Funny Email Concerned template because you're concerned about someone you haven't heard from in a while and the reason often is that they have just been very busy.

Go ahead. Send it off now.


How are you [ ]doing [ ]feeling [ ]coping [ ]at baiting fish hooks [ ]at cross-dressing [ ]under pressure [ ]adapting to wearing that corrective hat [ ]handling the pandemic?

I think your life might be easier if you [ ]take drugs [ ]meditate [ ]switch to boxer shorts [ ]go to a spa [ ]stop dieting [ ]change deodorants [ ]stop making pipe bombs [ ]neuter the cat [ ]work fewer hours [ ]cut back to 1 bag of Oreos per day [ ]take a daily nap.

When you get a chance, make sure you [ ]kiss the Blarney Stone [ ]tuck your shirt in [ ]enter rehab [ ]call Mel Gibson [ ]call me [ ]write a letter to the editor [ ]ask for a raise [ ]take a Tic Tac [ ]take off [ ]exercise [ ]build an ark

or else you might never [ ]see The Rolling Stones [ ]see me [ ]see daylight [ ]recover your sanity [ ]reach puberty [ ]beat the rap [ ]milk the cash cow [ ]make the 6 o'clock news [ ]survive.

Next time you think you need a [ ]new pair of shoes [ ]perm [ ]break [ ]drink [ ]new lawyer [ ]pet Iguana [ ]new hard drive [ ]joint [ ]treat [ ]sex toy [ ]Harley-Davidson

think again, maybe all you need is [ ]magic mushrooms [ ]sunshine [ ]a laxative [ ]to watch a Seinfeld rerun [ ]me [ ]a bartender [ ]a win on American Idol [ ]lunch [ ]dinner [ ]a Qualude.

Call me.

Your concerned friend,

Reconnect With An Old Friend

How To Transfer This Funny Email Concerned Template Into Your Email Program

(These directions are for Outlook Express users but will generally be the same for all email programs.)

Open your email program and click on the "Create Mail" button.

Return to this Funny Email Concerned page and highlight the verse above.

Right-click on the highlighted text and click "copy".

Return to your email program and in the box below the subject line; click once to get the cursor in the box and then right-click on the mouse and click "paste" and the text (from above) will be transferred into the body of your email.

Put a CAPITAL "X" in the brackets beside the words or phrases you want to use in your message.

Add your name at the end.

If you are sending this email to an individual, then you will also want to type his/her name at the top.

You may then want to enter a word or two in the "Subject" line. (What's the email about?)

Finally, you must enter your friend's email address and click send. (Hopefully, you can just select their email address from your address book.)

Note: If you are sending out an email to more than one person you may want to enter each person's email address in the "BCC" address line so that nobody knows who else you sent the message to.

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