Funny Email Messages You Can Use

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Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Behold the marvel of the century – a collection of free, funny email messages you can use! These templates are a laugh and yes, you heard it right – they're free! Pick one, pick two, heck, pick 'em all! We've got more chuckles than a pack of hyenas at a stand-up comedy club.

Scroll through the hilarity below and take your pick. It's like a comedy buffet, but without the indigestion. I've assembled these gems so you can swiftly find the perfect one for your mischievous intentions. No need to open a zillion tabs – descriptions are right here. Of course, if you've got time to kill, dive into the madness and read them all. Knowledge is power, and in this case, laughter is too!

Now, let's talk about these messages. I've crafted each one like a master chef cooking up a storm. They're my brainchildren, and I'm giving them away like free samples at a food fair. All you need to do is sprinkle in a few "X's," and you're ready to fire them off into the digital cosmos.

But wait, there's more! Each of these comedic masterpieces conceals a secret mission, like a spy in a clown costume. Beneath the belly laughs, there's a serious message, like "Let's get together" for example. So while you're getting that message across, they'll also be smiling at the other choices you could have picked, because they'll likely read them anyway!

So, click away on the templates below, and let the comedy carnival begin! And don't forget to sign up for my RSS feed – the VIP pass to a front-row seat at the comedy show. Be the first to know when new gut-busting email message templates hit the virtual stage. Grab your popcorn, folks – it's time for a laugh



Free Funny Email Messages

Here's How They Work!

Click above for a quick demo, then come back here and pick one of the funny email messages you can use.

Retirement Email

Click above to get a free funny e mail to send to someone you know who is retiring. (There is also a Retirement Card in the Greeting Cards section.)

Thank You Email

Click above if you have to send a "Thank You" note to someone for something they have done for you recently, but you're finding it hard to find the right words? Try this one. It will get the point across, yet in a lighthearted manner.

Funny Party Invitation

If you're throwing a party and want to send out an invitation. Why not send out one with a bit of humor? (This would work best as an invitation to an adult party.)

Party Time

Friends Party Invitation

Here's a second invitation that you might want to use sometime.

Refuse An Invitation

If you have you ever been invited to something but couldn't (or didn't want) to go? Declining is sometimes a little awkward but this template may just be funny enough to make it easy to say "No thanks".

Job Application

Click above to try the new Job Application template. It probably won't get you a job interview, but at least some HR people might get a laugh!

Away From The Office

If you use an autoresponder when you are going to be away from the office for awhile. Why not leave people a funny autoresponse?

Get A Reply

Click above to get a template that will virtually force someone to respond to you. Sometimes people go for days or weeks without making any effort to contact you. (It's not because you're a bad person - they're just busy!) Send this template and they will almost have to respond.

Just A Quick Note

If you are feeling a little guilty about not keeping in touch with someone. Here's a way to reconnect with an old friend.

Long Time No See

If you are a little embarrassed about not connecting with someone for quite a while. Here's a good template to get you back together.

Guess What?

If something "neat" happened to you recently. Here's a template to help you break the "good news" to someone, possibly at a get-together somewhere.

On Vacation

Pick A Free Email Template

If you go on vacation but still maintain contact with your "other world" through the Internet. Copy and send this funny template to your friends and colleagues while you're away.


If you want to ask someone to meet you for a coffee or a drink. This funny email messages template will work.

I'm Worried About You

If you are you worried that a friend or co-worker is working or doing too much. Click above and send them this template and see if you can get them to relax for a while.

I'm Back!

If you have you been away for a while on vacation or business. Maybe you may want to try and coerce a pal into helping you gather some of your friends so you can see them all again. Use this template to help you in that regard.

Passing Along A Humorous Email

If you want someone to call you. Send them this template and see if they will respond.

Stay Connected

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Mothers Day Email

If your mother has a good sense of humor, click on the template. If not, don't!

Valentine Email

Click above if you've run out of time and can't find a decent card to send to your loved one. Send this one. (It might save you.)

Christmas Email

If you don't have time to create a Christmas card (from my Greeting Cards page). Send someone this email greeting instead. It is not as pretty but it is a Christmas thought just the same!

Greeting Cards

Click above to go to the Greeting Cards page from the funny email messages page if you'd sooner send something that looks a little better than just an email. You will have to find a card that you like first and then add my "funny email" type verse to it.

Funny Business Email Templates

Click above to check out the free, funny business email templates that you might want to try. (Use at your own risk however as most businesses frown on humor as a means of communicating.)

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