Greeting Cards

Greeting cards found on the Internet often lack humor or are not very personal. Some are blank and need you to fill in the verse.

If you are not good at composing or if you just don't have the time, then you may need one of my templates.

There are lots of sites where you can get cards and I've looked at most of them at one time or another, trying to find the "perfect card".

Very often you find one that looks good graphically but the message is too generic or just not very funny (or there is no message at all).

Now, rather than print off an "OK" card, you have another option. Now you can add my funny verse (and your sense of humor) to any card you like and end up with a special presentation.

But first, get a card.

Find A Card

Find A Free Template For You

Use my funny email templates to add humor to your own greeting cards without having to spend hours at the keyboard, but first, find a good-looking card.

If you don't already have one then click here and check out my Greeting Card Sites page. You should be able to find a suitable card from one of the sites but first bookmark this page so you can return here for the verse.

Make sure that you can edit any printing that might be on the card and then simply copy and paste one of my templates onto the card and "X" out your choice of the words and phrases in it to create your own witty card.

So, just pick out one of my templates below. Highlight and copy the verse and then paste it into the card of your choice.

It's easy.

Mothers Day Card

Use this card at your own risk! Not all mothers have a sense of humor on Mother's Day. It might be a day to be serious!

Valentine Card

Click above if the love of your life has a sense of humor.

Thanksgiving Card

If you want to create a funny Thanksgiving Day card, then click above.

Retirement Card

To get a template for someone who is retiring, then click above. (There is also an email in the Funny Email section about retirement. Click here to have a quick look at it.)


Here's a fun invitation that you might want to use for your next party.


Do you have someone to congratulate? It could be a new graduate, a new bride or someone who has been promoted. Whatever the reason, find a blank or editable card and then add this verse.

Funny Birthday Card

Here is the first of several birthday cards. We need a lot because we use them regularly. This one starts with "I hear you're..."

Humorous Birthday Card

Here's another happy birthday card that you can use. This one starts with "May every day bring you..." and goes downhill from there! Check it out.

Birthday Card Laugh

Use this funny birthday card for an older person. It starts with "One of the good things about getting older..."

Birthday Card

Here's another fun birthday wish that starts with "Thinking about..." It's short and can be used when you don't have much space on the card you've chosen.

Get Well Card

This card is for someone who is sick or injured.

Get Well Card-2

Here's a second "Get Well" card that you might want to use.

Don't miss any new greeting cards as they come out!

Send me your email address and I'll make sure you don't miss any updates to the humor on this site.

Funny Christmas Card

This is one of the funny Christmas card verses that you can use. Find a good blank card and add this to it.

Another Funny Christmas Card

If you're looking for a funny Christmas card, try this one.

New Year Card

If you need to send a Happy New Year greeting to your friends, then click above for this one.

Staint Patrick's Day Card

For the Irish (or people with the Irish spirit) here's a St. Paddy's Day card that you might want to use. (It's actually a funny Irish blessing.)

Fathers Day Card

Click any of these 3 greeting cards for fathers with a sense of humor. There is a serious message in them as well, but primarily they are fun. This one starts with "Many thanks to you dad for being..."

Funny Fathers Day Card

This Father's Day card that starts with "Thank you for..." (It's not terribly serious!)

Humorous Fathers Day Card

Here's a little longer card. This one starts with starts with "Father, by simply being..."

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Make Your Own Greeting Card Verse And Have It Displayed On This Site!

Got an idea for a card that's not listed on this page yet? If you do, then go ahead and enter it in the form below and I'll include it on this site along with the others and I'll give you credit for it.

Make sure it is in the "Funny Email" style (with check boxes) and let's see it.

(One day, I'll be building a page that will show you step by step how to make up card verse in the "Funny Email" style but it's not rocket science. You can see how it's done in the examples above.)

Ok, get contributing.

Funny Greeting Card Verse

Do you have some funny verse that we can copy into a greeting card? Share it with us!

Please note that the "What's New?" section below is updated whenever something I think is funny comes along, therefore some of these "New" blogs further down the page may already have been replaced by the time you click on them!

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