Hospital Fun

Hospital fun is certainly a misnomer as I can't imagine there being much of it in reality! I've just had an experience with 3 hospitals though that I thought I should chronicle here, even though it wasn't much fun at the time.

While these "Hospital" pages are not funny or humorous like most of the other pages on this site, they do reflect my personality in that I always try to look at the "light side" of things to see if I can find something humorous or interesting in a situation, even if it's not funny initially.

The fact that later, after I'd been released from Hospital Number 3, I found some of my experience funny or at least worth relating is probably just a result of my sick sense of humor more than anything else. Like all humor, you may or may not find this amusing.

You may however, find it interesting.

To that end, I've decided to make these Hospital Fun pages interactive which means that you will be able to comment on my experiences or even tell the rest of us about your own hospital adventure(s). And just like in a blog, people will be able to comment on your comments and add their own experiences, etc.

Of course, a lot of what I will relay to you about my journey into "socialized medicine" is just plain sad! The idea of socal medicine was well intended when it was set up about a half a century ago, but it needs to be brought into the 21st century now. So, not all of this will be funny but feel free to comment anyway and add your own anecdotes if you think people will be interested in them.

So, here's Hospital Fun Number 1:

Around 5:00 PM on a Thursday afternoon, my pal and I climbed onto our motorcycles to cruise into a nearby town in the interior of B.C. (Canada) called Merritt. It was a nice, sunny day and we were just going to check out a motorcycle rally that was starting that evening in town. His driveway slopes uphill to the nearby road and there was a water hose running down and across it. He was facing a different direction from me and took off first and crossed the hose at a right angle. I took off next and ran up on the hose that was going almost the same direction as me. That's when it happened!

As I turned the front wheel slightly, to cross the hose, the hose rolled, and the wheel lost traction and that changed the center of gravity just enough to send 500 pounds of bike down on my right ankle. A 2 kph accident! I knew right away that the ankle was broken or dislocated. The bike didn't have a scratch!

It turned out that my riding mate this day was a retired fireman and so I knew he'd know what to do. I just waited for him to come back and get me. When he returned, he said a couple of things that I remember like it was yesterday. First, he said, "Get your boot off or else they'll have to cut it off when it swells up. Ditto the jeans". (Remember when your mother told you to always wear clean underwear in case you have to go to the hospital? It'll happen!)

He also commented that he'd seen a lot of ankle injuries during his career and couldn't believe that I wasn't writhing around in pain. (It just wasn't that sore!)

Anyway, next he found a pillow and some tensor bandages and wrapped the foot up and bundled me in my underwear and the pillow off to Hospital Number 1 where my hospital fun started.

I got there around 5:30 p.m. and the admitting nurse said I had the privilege of being the first motorcycle casualty of the weekend which I thought might give me some seniority. (Wrong!)

The doctor on call examined me in the emergency ward a couple of hours later and called the x-ray technician in to take pictures of the leg and then the doctor disappeared! (This is really where Hospital Fun starts!.) 4 hours later, when I was looking around the curtain from the bed to see what the holdup was, I spotted 2 RCMP officers whom I'd seen pacing around the emergency room for most of the time I had been there and one of them asked me if I need help. I said, "Well, I've got a broken ankle," (the x-ray tech told me that) "and I was kind of wondering where the doc was?" She said, "Yeah, we've been waiting for him too for about 3 1/2 hours" (with their injured prisoner) "and he's not back yet!" I should have asked, "Back from where?"

Anyway, about 11:30 p.m. he showed up and decided that he should put a stabilizing cast on my ankle for the night and then I should go to Hospital Number 2 tomorrow where they can do an operation on the ankle that can't be done in this small hospital. He then proceeded to pull on my foot with all his might in the opposite direction from the night nurse, in order to get some kind of tension relief on the ankle until the cast dried. He was totally amazed that I wasn't writhing in pain while he was doing this and asked if I needed a sedative to get through it? I said, "No, it's really not that painful, just get it done." Then he said, "Wow, you must have a very high tolerance for pain." I started to feel like John Wayne at that point!

A Hospital Story

Then, it was back to bed in the emergency ward right next to a Merittonian who happened to be "detoxifying"! This meant that he never stopped talking all night long, even to breathe! He had imaginary and real conversations that went on for ever. The only good thing was that he never repeated one of them! I must have heard his whole life story that night. The bad news was, I probably only got 4 minutes of sleep!

Next day it was off to Hospital Number 2.

Hospital Fun 2

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