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You've stumbled upon a treasure trove of laughter that I have accumulated from around the internet. I decided it was high time to corral these gems onto one glorious page for your amusement. Picture it: jokes of all shapes and sizes, gathered here to tickle your funny bone.

But hold on!

As my collection grew, so did the chaos. I woke up one morning and thought, "Enough is enough! These jokes need a designated home, a joke utopia!" Thus, this page was born - but how do I organize it?

I noticed that some of my jokes are in the form of cartoons. Some are pictures. Some are written. There are even jokes you can vote on (funny or not). In other words, there are lots of different kinds of smiles on this site. So, what I have decided to do is put all the written jokes on this page and move the "visual" jokes to another page which I call FUN VISUAL JOKES. (I know, I'm a genius at naming things!)

So, now you'll find all the cartoons, pictures, posters, videos, etc. on Fun Visual Jokes.

And all the written jokes here on this page!

So, if you're here for the written wizardry of jokes, you've hit the jackpot! This page is your comedy haven, your punchline paradise. No need to wade through cartoons, pictures, or videos – they have their own VIP area now.

Get ready to snort, giggle, and maybe even unleash a full-blown belly laugh because here, my friend, are the written masterpieces, neatly categorized for your convenience. Enjoy the riotous ride through the land of merriment!

May the laughter be with you,

Enjoy them!


Golf Jokes

Lots Of Golf Jokes

These are funny even if you're not a golfer.

Beer Jokes

Well, they're mostly beer jokes. Some are about drinking in general, but beer could be involved!


Here is my collection of groaners. You may have your own list, (but are they this bad?)

PG-14 (Adult) Jokes

This my "slightly risque" jokes page. I don't want "dirty" jokes on the site but some good jokes have swearing in them and so I've added a place for them here.


Ever stuck for a good comeback while being hit on in a bar or at a party? Memorize a couple of these.

Latest Joke

Get the latest joke that I think is worthwhile posting here. (Actually there are usually at least 2 on this page at all times!)

Funny Cat

Click above to go to the Funny Cat page where you will find some humorous cat definitions.

Fun Jokes About Dogs - Called Dog Daffynitions

Not to be outdone by the cat, here are some funny dog daffynitions that will make you think.

Financial Jokes

My accountant's favorites!

Post-It Funnies

You know what a "Post-It" note is. Here are some funny messages that could be found on them.

Punny Puns

Here are the puns that I have found amusing. They're not exactly jokes, but I think they fit here.

Funny Medicine

Click above for some funny medical terms.

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Tired Of Reading? Try These "Visual" Jokes

  • Fun Visual Jokes

    Fun visual jokes, funny pictures, cartoons, posters, videos, etc. that don't require a lot of reading!

How About Jokes That You Help Create?

Funny Email Messages You Can Create

Choose a funny email message template that you can use to create a funny email and send it off to your friends.

Greeting Cards

Click above to go to the Greeting Cards home page where you can find some funny verse (that you modify through my templates) and then send on to your friends in card format.

Funny Business Email

Go to the Funny Business email template page (if you dare). It's not for every company but if yours has a sense of humor then, have a look.

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What's New?

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    Mar 04, 24 12:00 AM

    Check out the latest smile here!

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  2. Funny Quotes

    Dec 15, 23 07:20 PM

    This page consists of funny quotes that somebody else said while I wish it had been me!

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  3. Don't Worry - Be Happy

    Mar 03, 23 12:00 AM

    Need a "pick-me-up"? Here's a singalong song that you can easily participate in. Join me in the video as the words are included. It'll be the second song on the page

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  4. Tom Dooley

    Jul 09, 22 12:00 AM

    Got bored and decided to redo this song with a different presentation. Have a look if you're curious. (You can sing along with it as well!)

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  5. Going Way Back In Rock And Roll - Dede Dinah

    Oct 24, 21 12:00 AM

    Here's an oldie for you that was done originally by Frankie Avalon (before he met Anette)! Sing along if you want.

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