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Here's where you will find a lot of fun things to do. They're all free, so have a look and see if anything appeals to you. In most of the following pages, you will be creating your own laughs for the people that you interact with on your phone or computer. Things like "autoresponder" messages (when you're going to be away) or email that you might send, or greeting cards that you might need.

I'll make it easy for you to "fill in the blanks" and create a "yuk" for your contacts.

Most of it is personal but there's even a business section if you're brave enough to try and bring humor to your workplace. (Some bosses frown on it because they have no sense of humor themselves!)

If you're just into mellowing out for a while, then the rest of the pages in this section are for just that - inactivity! Just sit back and see what I've done that I thought was interesting or funny.

And finally, fun things to do if you're involved with a group and want to improve the atmosphere of it. (It's what I used to do.)


Funny Email Messages (To Send)

Sometimes you will probably just want to send a quick message to somebody (AND YOU'D LIKE IT TO BE WITTY). This page has several messages that you just have to add a few "X's" to before you send them off AND YOU MAKE THEM HUMOROUS! Have a look at them by clicking above.

Funny Responses For The Message You Leave When You're Going To Be Away!

If you're going to be away for a while, then you might be leaving an automatic message on your computer so that people know you are away and won't be answering their email for a while. Great! But why not leave them a FUNNY response instead of the usual drivel? Click above to see how to do that.

Funny Business Email

Go here if you dare! Warning - some bosses don't like you being funny.

Funny Greeting Cards

If you've ever been stuck about what to say in a greeting card and want something funny, then click above and see if any of these will help. They're all "copy and paste" and they're all FREE!

Time To Kill? Here Are Some Things You Can Watch If You Want To Waste Some Time!

Singalong Songs

Join me and my 12-string as I cover a bunch of old rock and roll oldies songs. (Some country cross-overs are also included.) I've included the lyrics with the videos so you have no excuse. Belt them out!

Funny Songs

I've played around with some old songs and added some new words to them. (One actually got played on the radio locally!) If you've got time to kill, check out this page.

Go To The Fun Travel Page

These were some fun things to do! This is where you will find fun stories about my various travels around North America by motorcycle, RV and MGB! Click above to see where I've gone and what fun things I've done.

Hospital Fun

You might have had a similar experience to me in this new age of hospital wait times. If so, you might find this interesting reading. It's funny now that it's over, but it wasn't so funny at the time. (Click above if you have time to kill. It's a quick read.)

Fun Things To Do With Groups

If you're involved in any kind of group, then this might show you how to make it better and more fun. I call it Familizing and it might just help you! (Good for clubs, businesses, tour groups, teams, resorts, families - anywhere people gather.) Click above and see if it can make your group better.

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